Diana Spencer wanted to be loved.

"Someone has to go out there and love the people,...and show it!" --Diana Spencer

It's been some years since Diana died in a car "accident" and many things have come to light.

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In an October, 1995 letter to her butler, Paul Burrell, Diana wrote "This particular phase of my life is the most
dangerous - my husband is planning 'an accident' in my car, brake failure & serious head injury
in order to make the path clear for him to marry.

She did in fact die in a car accident, under very suspicious circumstances, and normally such a letter
would be taken as serious evidence, but her husband happens to be the future king of the Commonwealth
and the Royal Family holds a great deal of power even in this enlightened era of constitutional monarchy.

Diana had said the same thing to her lawyer, Lord Mishkum,(spelling?), and several close friends as well.
They all knew she felt her life was in danger from the Royal Family and that threats had been made.

Lord Mishkum was an old British establishment lawyer and must have known how devastating this piece of evidence was.
Three weeks after Diana's death, he handed it over to Britain's police chief, Lord Condon, who also realised
it's danger to the Royal Family, and so he concealed it for three years! He wasn't the only police chief to
hold onto the note. His successor, Lord Stevens, concealed the letter for another three years. If this letter
were made public in 1997, nobody would have been talking about the paparazzi or the other red herrings thrown
in the path of the public. Everyone would have known right away who committed the crime.

Both police chiefs broke the law by withholding this evidence, and both were made Lords by the Queen!

Everyone should know the events of the night she was assassinated. The 4 people, including Diana and Dodi left
the Ritz Hotel and drove in the Mercedes through a secret route to the tunnel where the crash occurred.
There were numerous CCTV cameras in Paris at that time. There were six, cameras for the tunnel itself,...
and they were all turned off or reported broken on the night that Diana, Dodi, and Henri died. Another amazing coincidence,
but that's not all. All of the CCTV cameras along the secret route that the Mercedes took from the Ritz to the
tunnel were also turned off. Someone who has the authority to have these cameras turned off and who also knew
the secret route the car would be taking must have given the order to turn those cameras, and only those cameras, off.

If no other evidence existed, the above alone should be enough to convince all of us that the Royal Family
had Diana killed.

There is much other evidence, however. A lot can be learned from how the investigations to the death were handled.
For instance, before the blood tests on Henri Paul had been returned, French authorities were already claiming that
he was "as drunk as a pig." However the video from the Ritz CCTV cameras, which were turned on, shows
him apparently clear headed and even kneeling down to tie his shoe and getting back up again quickly and spryly,
without the slightest wobble or difficulty.
Henri Paul's blood tests showed he had so much alcohol in his blood he would have been unlikely to walk and would
probably have been unconscious. They also showed virtually lethal levels of carbon monoxide poisoning! Henri Paul
Was not exposed to carbon monoxide gas that night and he died instantly in the car crash. From where did the blood that
was tested come?

The Coroner in the British inquest into her death prevented the jury from seeing letters to her from Prince Philip.
They were heavily redacted.When a friend of Diana's, Simone Simmons, wanted to tell the inquest about hostile letters
written to Diana before her death, she was forbidden to do so. Ms Simmons said, "If I've had a gagging order, then
others have had a gagging order."

Witnesses reported seeing several motorcycles and a white Fiat Uno accompanying the Mercedes into the tunnel. These
vehicles had never been officially identified. They were not paparazzi, because there was a very close analysis done
of all the paparazzi who were on duty that night and they were all accounted for and left far behind by the more
powerful Mercedes. The jury found that those in the "following vehicles" were guilty of manslaughter. The news media
portrayed "following vehicles" as paparazzi and the lie got all around the world while the truth was still putting
it's boots on. Neither the French nor the British police are trying to track these killers.

You should really see the movie "Unlawful Killing."
It is banned in Great Britain, but only because it tells the truth.
Be Aware: fake videos are up on You Tube, and they are not the real film!
You can find it on the Pirate Bay. When you search for "Unlawful Killing" without the quotes,
choose the 1.22 Gbyte version by Annonymous. That should be trustworthy and if not write back to let me know.
Everyone should see this film that is being surpressed all around the world. The more murders that the upper claseses can
get away with, the harder life will become for everybody!

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